Pregame Talk - Part 2

Pregame Talk - Part 2

This is Part 2 of my Pregame Talk with AR's. It can change depending on the experience of the crew and how often we've worked together in the past. 

More notes on Offside

Please hold your flag until the offside player becomes involved in the play. If the ball is played through and the attacker was Offside at the time the pass was made, hold your flag until you are sure they will be able to play the ball. If it looks like the GK will collect the ball safely, keep your flag down. If you think a dangerous situation is imminent (onrushing GK), then go ahead and raise your flag. 

If you raise your flag, then do not put it down until I wave you down. No matter what happens. We do not want miscommunication or crossed signals. 

If the play is on the other side of the field from you and I don't see your flag, feel free to yell "ref" or "Gerson" to get my attention.  

Penalty Kick

When a PK is called, immediately jog over to the edge of the 18 yard box on the goal line. Your job is to make sure that the GK has at least 1 foot on, over or behind the goal line until the ball is kicked. If you feel that the GK has clearly (obvious to everyone on the field) come off his line before the ball is kicked and they make the save, then stay put and do not move. I will look at you after the save and we will make eye contact. If I agree, I'll blow the whistle and initiate a re-kick. 


No one comes on the field until someone else comes off the field. AR1, please be clear with the players and coaches about this. Make sure that everyone in the bench is wearing a pinney of a different color than their jersey.

Record Everything

Please write down all goals and cards. I will try to make to communicate with you via hand signals or voice to make sure we all have it recorded correctly. 

Mass Confrontations

Let's hope we don't have one today. AR1, your primary job is to make sure the coaches and players do not come onto the field. If for some reason, I determine I need the coaches, I will personally ask for them to become involved. 

Once a mass confrontation occurs, we should try to form a triangle around the action and get a good viewing angle as to who is involved and who may need a yellow card or red card issued. 



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