Pregame Talk - Part 3

Pregame Talk - Part 3

Part 3 of notes from my Pre-Game talks with AR's. I'm sure there is plenty that I am missing, but I feel like this is at least a good starting point.


I trust and empower you to call fouls in your quadrant

Feel free to raise and waggle your flag for fouls that you think I have missed or that you have a better angle on. If the foul is coming out of the defensive half, don't hesitate. If the foul is coming in, please give me first crack at it. If you hear me clearly say "fair challenge" or "no foul", please support me. Once you call a foul, I am going to support you.

Please follow play to the Goal Line

Obviously, if the ball is smashed 30 yards out and it's not going towards goal, no need to race to the goal line. Any other time, please follow the play all the way down to the goal line. There is nothing worse looking than an AR trying to make a determination on a goal line decision if they are standing 10 yards up the touch line. If you follow all action down to the goal line, you will be in the best position to make good calls on goals, corners and goal kicks. 

Goals Scored

If a goal is scored, I will be looking to you for eye contact and a short sprint up about 20 yards from the goal line. If the ball does not cross the goal line, I am expecting that you will be standing ready for normal play to continue without making a sprint up field. 

I encourage you to talk to the players

Please feel free to talk the players. Remind players to "find the ball", "play smart" or any other dialogue that you think will help the flow of the game. It is always good to remind them that you are present.

Marking off 10 yards

If play is next to the touch line and a ceremonial free kick is needed, please feel free to mark off 10 yards for me. It will help us get the game restarted faster.

We enter the field as a team and we leave the field as team

At the beginning of the game, we will walk together as a crew with the match ball. Please go inspect the nets and the goals one more time. After that, jog to your position on the touch line. Once you've counted 11 players, unfurl your flag and give me a thumbs to show that you are ready to go.

At the end of the half or match, sprint to me.  We'll walk off the field or shake hands with the players and coaches before walking off. 

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