The people you meet along the way as a referee

The people you meet along the way as a referee

As a kid growing up in New York City, I loved being surrounded by people from all different cultures, ethnicities and parts of the world. I felt like my High School was a mini United Nations. 

Now that I live in the Southeast United States, I get my global fix in the back of Uber and Taxi's when I travel. I've met drivers from all over the world I've never had the opportunity to travel to.

I've met an architecture student from Colombia, a former special operations military person from the country of Georgia and numerous people from almost every country in Asia and Africa you can name. I always walk away from the conversation impressed and inspired. Since soccer (proper Football) is the most played sport in the world, it is often a way for me to connect with these wonderful, hard working people and find a common topic to discuss.

As a referee, I also meet people from every possible position in life. From corporate CEO's, Judges to teenage high school kids and Grad students getting their masters in Biomechanical engineering (shout out to Armon!). In short, being a ref, connects you with wonderful people you may never meet in your normal circles. 

This is one of the side benefits of being a referee that rarely anyone discusses. Almost every time I show up to the field, I make a new, fascinating and interesting friend for life. 

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